Wild Atlantic Way – the most westerly road trip in Europe



Coming to Europe for the first time for a motorcycling tour poses a daunting choice.  Endless possibilities from the Alps to exotic Sardinia and beyond, each with their own charm.  However, closest to our USA and Canadian biker cousins is one of Europe’s newest riding routes.  Well, it has been there all the time. But in recent years a stretch of coastal roads have been upgraded. And carefully integrated to bring together hundreds of not to be miss viewing points.  It is called the Wild Atlantic Way. Stretching for over 2,500Kms. It crosses some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland.

Quite rightly famed for its stunning scenery. Probably, the most captivating aspect of this riding route is the diversity of scenery within such short distances.  Ireland’s geology is ancient and diverse. So, just as you are thinking well. I have seen all of that type of view. I need, you are treated to a totally different experience.  Just cross the Shannon on the Tarbert to Killimer ferry and you’ll see what I mean!

Wild Atlantic Way

LemonRock Bike Tours are situated on The Wild Atlantic Way. One of the most famous sections. The Ring of Kerry,  The ruggedness of the coastline dictates that many of the roads are twisty and up hill down dale, ideally suited to our adventure range of BMW motorcycles.  In particular, the BMW R1200GS could have designed for this route!.  Bags of power for effortless riding two up, ample expandable “Vario” panniers and top box to carry your luggage, and the world, as they say, is your oyster!.

From Dublin To New York

Getting here couldn’t be simpler with ever more airlines opening new transatlantic routes to Ireland.  Icelandic budget carrier WOW air has announced low-cost fares from Dublin to New York from €129 each way.  If flying to Dublin, there’s a well-timed 30-minute onward flight to Kerry. Which is only 20 minutes away from our base at the luxury 4-star hotel, The Brehon.

Having decided to come to this part of Europe, one special trait stands out – the Irish people.  While many biking tours around Europe will bring you to breathtaking scenery. Just as it does here, at the end of the day. The camaraderie and friendliness of the local people add a new dimension to the touring experience.  It’s why we choose to stay each night in a small town. Where you can stretch your legs finding the best restaurants and bars and enjoy the banter with the locals.  Some rookies make the mistake of staying each night in the wilderness. But in our opinion, you miss the theater of Irish life, or as its known here, “The Craic”!.

The Irish music scene is not all didleya music, as this beautiful recording from Dick Mac’s pub testifies – it’s on our tour…

Whether you decided to ride with one of our guides or take our self-guided option. Your onboard Sat Nav system will make sure you see the very best your route has to offer.  It’s all too easy to ride past the most stunning roads and sights and that’s why we are out and about checking out new routes and destinations to make sure our routes are interesting, exciting and safe.

Yes, it does rain from time to time. However, the cloudscapes make up for it in spades.  The ample screens on our BMW’s and protective riding gear will fend off the worst of the weather.  Most of all, it’s worth remembering that we often get all four seasons on the same day. So, just wait a while and the sun will be shining. Roads will be dry and a new vista awaits you around the corner.  It is after all called the WILD Atlantic Way!

Find out more in our 7 and 14 day Wild Atlantic Way motorcycle tours.

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