Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Riders must meet set criteria by our insurance company to ride our bikes:-

12.1 All Customers must be 25 years or older and not over 70; have had a full and valid motorcycle licence for at least 24 months and hold a full and valid motorcycle licence for riding in Ireland. Any rider wishing to carry a pillion must be over 30 years of age. The Customer must produce his/her current driving licence before commencing a rental..

12.2 Driver Exclusions

Any driver:

  • Who has been banned from driving in the past 5 years.
  • Who has more than two minor driving offences in the past three years.
  • Who has made more than one claim in the past three years.
  • Who has been convicted of any criminal offences which aren’t considered ‘spent’ or has any pending prosecutions.
  • Who has had insurance declined, voided or cancelled or special terms imposed.
  • Who is employed or works within the Sport or Entertainment industries.


PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM ACCURATELY and we will pass you request to our insurers for their decision

Please complete this form if you do not meet our insurance requirements​

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